Undocumented functions of NTDLL

2OO2, 18 March

Gridstore - NonStop Storage


typedef struct _SYSTEM_THREAD {

LARGE_INTEGER KernelTime; LARGE_INTEGER UserTime; LARGE_INTEGER CreateTime; ULONG WaitTime; PVOID StartAddress; CLIENT_ID ClientId; KPRIORITY Priority; LONG BasePriority; ULONG ContextSwitchCount; ULONG State; KWAIT_REASON WaitReason;


Structure SYSTEM_THREAD is a part of SYSTEM_PROCESS_INFORMATION structure avaiable by NtQuerySystemInformation with SystemProcessInformation enumeration type.

  • KernelTime
  •      Sum of thread's execution time in KernelMode, in native format.
  • UserTime
  •      Sum of thread's execution time in UserMode, in native format.
  • CreateTime
  •      Time of thread creation, in native format.
  • WaitTime
  •      Sum of thread's waiting time, in native format.
  • StartAddress
  •      Thread start address.
  • ClientId
  •      Process and thread identyficators.
  • Priority
  •      Thread prioryty.
  • BasePriority
  •      Thread base prioryty.
  • ContextSwitchCount
  •      Number of context switches executed by thread.
  • State
  •      Current thread's state.
  • WaitReason
  •      Reason for waiting (if any).

    Documented by:
    Tomasz Nowak

    Library: ntdll.lib

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