Undocumented functions of NTDLL

2OO1, 2 March


typedef struct _TEB {

NT_TIB Tib; PVOID EnvironmentPointer; CLIENT_ID Cid; PVOID ActiveRpcInfo; PVOID ThreadLocalStoragePointer; PPEB Peb; ULONG LastErrorValue; ULONG CountOfOwnedCriticalSections; PVOID CsrClientThread; PVOID Win32ThreadInfo; ULONG Win32ClientInfo[0x1F]; PVOID WOW32Reserved; ULONG CurrentLocale; ULONG FpSoftwareStatusRegister; PVOID SystemReserved1[0x36]; PVOID Spare1; ULONG ExceptionCode; ULONG SpareBytes1[0x28]; PVOID SystemReserved2[0xA]; ULONG GdiRgn; ULONG GdiPen; ULONG GdiBrush; CLIENT_ID RealClientId; PVOID GdiCachedProcessHandle; ULONG GdiClientPID; ULONG GdiClientTID; PVOID GdiThreadLocaleInfo; PVOID UserReserved[5]; PVOID GlDispatchTable[0x118]; ULONG GlReserved1[0x1A]; PVOID GlReserved2; PVOID GlSectionInfo; PVOID GlSection; PVOID GlTable; PVOID GlCurrentRC; PVOID GlContext; NTSTATUS LastStatusValue; UNICODE_STRING StaticUnicodeString; WCHAR StaticUnicodeBuffer[0x105]; PVOID DeallocationStack; PVOID TlsSlots[0x40]; LIST_ENTRY TlsLinks; PVOID Vdm; PVOID ReservedForNtRpc; PVOID DbgSsReserved[0x2]; ULONG HardErrorDisabled; PVOID Instrumentation[0x10]; PVOID WinSockData; ULONG GdiBatchCount; ULONG Spare2; ULONG Spare3; ULONG Spare4; PVOID ReservedForOle; ULONG WaitingOnLoaderLock; PVOID StackCommit; PVOID StackCommitMax; PVOID StackReserved; } TEB, *PTEB;

Structure TEB (Thread Environment Block) is memory block containing system variables placed in User-Mode memory. Every created thread have own TEB block. User can get address of TEB by call NtCurrentTeb function.

Library: ntdll.lib

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